Treada (tree-AH-DAH) is located in the west-central region of Aurodei, surrounded by the Sea of Swords to the southwest and the Sea of Silence to the southeast. Treadan borders reach as far east as the banks of the Great Cyrauli River and as far north as the fringes of the Grandwood Forest where it touches the foothills of the Mystfang Mountain Range.

Treada has a varied topography that consists of flat plains and/or low rolling hills in the south and west. Much of the country is heavily forested with The Great Sparrowhawk Forest in the east and the Grandwood Forest to the north.

Treada is a long seated rival of Arden and has historically taken advantage of that western country’s civil unrest on many occasions. It is in fact the considered opinion of many scholars that were it not for infrequent but enduring Treadan interference, Arden would have long ago found reunification as a single kingdom.

Treada as a nation has a long history and was one of the earliest kingdoms in Aurodei to develop an organized nation-state sometime within the later half of The Fourth Age. It survived the hellish rise of Acheron relatively intact and as a result by 500cr, Treada was one of the most powerful countries in Aurodei. By the 7th century however Treada began having financial problems due to the elaborate and frivolous spending habits of King Mueta XIV and his progeny. This and a grossly oppressive and underbalanced social structure eventually led to the Treadan Revolution that lasted from 689cr to 694cr. Following this revolution, Treada shifted its government from “absolute rule” to “constitutional monarchy.” Thus it stood for nearly 300 years until civil war split the region into the three kingdoms of Tharma in the north, Aerina in the midlands, and Trent in the south.

While Aerna maintains the constitutional monarchy classification indoctrinated in 694cr, Tharma and Trent have re-embraced the traditional statuses of time-honored sovereign rule.

The most noteworthy political development in Treada of the last twenty years would be the declaration of Fealty to the Sunian Imperial Movement by King Ilfannin of Trent in 1106cr.

Prevailing southwesterly winds make Treada’s climate temperate and equable year round. Weather patterns frequently change, but few temperature extremes occur. Temperatures range from an average of 36 degrees in winter to about 77 degrees in the summer, though a low of 20 degrees sometimes occurs in the winter. The average annual rainfall is about 30 to 50 inches, usually distributed evenly throughout the year.

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