Cartography and the Main Game Map


Holdings on the Main Game Map can be identified by type using the key below:

Other minor holdings in Embyr list in the thousands. As this level of density would be impractical on the Main Game Map, these will appear in supplemental maps that detail a region or kingdom as the need occurs.

An example of this can be found in the Maps tab. See; The Great Commonwealth of Shailia

Examples of extraneous holdings:


The Hex Grid

Point: A Point is the most elemental unit on the Main Game Map. Essentially, a Point is any corner of a respective Hex . When characters mark travel by use of the Main Game Map they more often than not do so by traveling from one Point to the next. This distance can vary from approximately 60 miles to 100 miles, depending on the path taken.


Hex: Each Hex is 100 miles across as measured from one face to the other.


Dodec: A Dodec is made up of three Hexes with a center Point, called a Nav Point. This is primarily used for nautical travel, though it can be utilized for characters traveling overland by way of flight. (see House Rules and Sea Travel.


Cartography and the Main Game Map

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