Wuxiao (WOO-shau). Here can be found the mysterious and exotic Sunari people from beyond the eastern mountains of Wuxiao. Of all the bloodlines scattered throughout Embyr, the Sunari are the least likely to be encountered. Sunari settlements and communities are uncommon in the west, though they are not impossible to find.

The Sunari are often found on pilgrimages from their distant homelands as they search for and share the lessons of enlightenment. To that end, Sunari monasteries have been founded here and there throughout the lands. They are the keepers of enlightened paths of Shi Han, the martial arts of the monks and masters of the secrets of Ki.

Although they are aware of the deities of Embyr, they do not see them as divine beings, merely as powerful and enlightened ones. For this reason, many Sunari are shunned and sometimes even persecuted by western religious organizations.

There are all walks of life of Sunari within their tiny communities. Trade with the western world allows them to flourish as exotic and novel foreigners. Generally a Sunari humbly and very politely presents himself and his goods or services, lavishes the local population with exotic wares and traditions from his distant lands, and then leaves well before his company can be seen as tedious by the locals.

The Sunari are golden-skinned and almost universally have dark hair. Their almond shaped eyes are most commonly brown, though there are occasions of other colors including green, blue, and grey.

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