Vohaz (VO-has) lies across the Sea of Steel to the east of Aurodei beyond the Dragonfang Mountains. Northern Vohaz extends into the frozen reaches of Embyr that lay near the Sea of Death. This area is primarily tundra and forests, with thousands upon thousands of frigid lakes.

Vohaz has many mountain areas. The mighty Dragonfangs which stretch over 2,500 miles of western Ersai cap the northern borders of Vohaz. The Tcharosk Mountains border the eastern part of Vohaz, beyond which lie the fabled lands of Wuxiao and Yetoi. Vohaz also boasts the largest canyon in the known world called the Rift of Morrokhan.

From the western boarder to the Tcharosk Mountains is the Great Vaddania Plain. This is a large rolling expanse with rich soil and endless, sweeping grasslands.

Throughout the whole of Embyr, there are few who can match the mettle and hardiness of the people of the Vohaz. They have been shaped by the trials of never ending conflict and the cruelty of their matchless and deadly winters. They have a very pragmatic view of the world and see everyone they encounter as a potential threat until proven otherwise. More often than not a surprise encounter with a Vohaz will lead to bloodshed. Of all the bloodlines of men, the Vohaz are seen to be the least forgiving and the most cruel.

Vohaz society is predominantly aristocratic. The prince of a respective kingdom is considered to be the ruler and owner of all the land, which is bestowed at his pleasure upon the dukes he appoints under him.

Dukes are granted land from the prince in parcels known as estates. Portions of an estate are bestowed upon counts by a duke in return for military service when it is demanded of by the prince. Counts are also charged to protect the dukes and his estate from attack.

Counts may retain as much of the land bestowed upon them as they wish for their own personal use. The remaining portions of land are distributed to peasants who are expected to provide the count with free labor, food and service whenever the count demands. By and large peasants have no rights and are not allowed to leave the manor or marry without their lord’s permission.

Family is extremely important to the Vohaz. An individual will gladly lay down his life for his family. Conversely, an affront to one man could well be an affront to his kin entire, who might as a group press an offender into apology and restitution or murder him outright depending on the transgression. Vohaz who feel they have been wronged as a general rule never forgive an offense against them unless they have received restitution from either the offender or his immediate family or descendants. The only exception to this social code is when Vohaz nobility is involved. Because of the vast power held by the elite, an offended commoner who pushes the issue too far might have his entire family thrown into ruin.

Vohaz are extremely territorial. They readily invade lands and depose the inhabitants there. Once they lay claim to a countryside, they consider it theirs forever even if it in turn is taken from them by another. Generations of Vohaz descendants will plot and fight over the most worthless, insignificant holding in order to reclaim ‘…that which was lost.’

The Vohaz are light skinned overall and have darker hair on the average, though a fair-haired individual is not unheard of. They have a wide range of eye color. It should be noted however that most Vohaz see any green-eyed individual as having ‘…the eyes of a lying serpent.’

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