The Church of The Nine

The Church of The Nine is a religious organization formed at the end of The War of The Fallen, after armies rallied behind clergy from nine different faiths to push back and defeat the diabolic Empire of Acheron at the end of the Third Age.

While individual priests still hold to their respective celestial tenets, they hold one another in the highest regard, each acknowledging the near catastrophic events of 1000 years ago that was only averted through the unity and cooperation of nine divergent faiths.

The Nine are as follows: Adria, Azoth, H’Mael, Hailyn, N’Hel, Nesari, Niahm, Riyak and Selun

The Pantheon of Embyr.

The gods of the civilized realms in Embyr are universal, though every race has their image defining these beings; dwarves see Hailyn as an ancient dwarf working a forge, halflings see him as a wise and patriarchal farmer, humans see him as a heavenly warrior king, and so on.

Spirits of The Old Ways/Gods of the Druids and the North

Arrach, god of the sky and storms
(N) Nature, Tempest. Holy Symbol: Cloudburst

Belhana, goddess of flora and fauna
(N) Nature, Life. Holy Symbol: Tree and Stag

N’Hara, goddess of clear waters
(N) Nature, Trickery. Holy Symbol: Waterfall & Stream

Tehok, god of mountains and strength
(N) Nature, War. Holy Symbol: Fiery Peak

Church of The Nine and Others

Adria, goddess of luck, fortune and love
(CG) Trickery, Life. Holy Symbol: Shell with Pearl

Azoth, god of war, strength and glory
(CN) War. Holy Symbol: Crossed Spears

Cerus, god of magic
(N) Knowledge. Holy Symbol: Infinite Knot

H’Mael, god of mirth, music and freedom
(CN) Trickery, Light. Holy Symbol: Flying Bird with Silvered Bell

Hailyn, god of honor, culture and protection
(LG) Knowledge, War. Holy Symbol: Fiery Hammer

M’Rhana, goddess of death
(N) Death. Holy Symbol: Raven and Rose

Miya, goddess of murder and riches
(NE) Trickery, Darkness. Holy Symbol: Viper and Dirk

N’Hel, god of storms, the seas and wealth
(CN) Tempest. Holy Symbol: Trident

Nesari, goddess of healing and new life
(LG) Life, Light. Holy Symbol: Palm and Sun

Niahm, god of craft, creation and innovation
(NG) Light, Trickery. Holy Symbol: Anvil and Cog

Riyak, god of hunting, traveling and heralds
(CN) Nature, Light. Holy Symbol: Hunter’s Horn & Crimson Moon

Selun, goddess of hope and harvest
(LN) Life, Light. Holy Symbol: Oak Leaf & Azure Moon

Tethran, god of dominion, strength and war
(CE) War. Holy Symbol: Unblinking Eye

Umbra, god of secrets, riches and will
(LE) Knowledge, Death. Holy Symbol: Sealed Tome

The Church of The Nine

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