Lady Eryn Via Celadrei

Keeper of The Silver Chimes


Human Cleric

With soft gray eyes and a tender warmth in her strong features, Lady Eryn excels at easing the troubled spirits of those around her, be they stranger or kin, friend or acquaintance. She keeps her shoulder-length, brown hair tied high and back in what her parishioners have taken to calling her “battle pony” and though she is considered tall for a human woman, her elegance in form and manner prevent her from seeming overbearing.


“And onto this smoldering field of ash and death a fell shadow did rise, and the remaining faithful were stilled and crippled with dread, and the servants of the wicked gave up a cry and hue and made to bring quick death to any and all that they could find. But then and of a sudden a lone voice was heard in song, and it was clear and held strength and hope and promise. And it rose and flooded the plain and with it came a luminous aura that did stab and bite at the fell shadow, and at long last the dreaded enemy knew fear!”

Lady Eryn Via Celadrei was destined for anointment from her day of birth when her coming brought life back into her still-birthed twin brother Eryk. Gifted and pious beyond what could reasonably be expected from so young a girl, Eryn entered into the holy order at the tender age of twelve years and upon completion of her confirmation immediately was indoctrinated into The Order of The Voice of Heaven where she received her advanced training.

While happy to spend the counting of her years in service to the cloth, she sadly found herself to be the sole heir to her family’s estate when her brother, the Lord Eryk of Celadrei was killed during the Iron Host Campaigns.

Though she retains the title of Lady Celadrei, she bequeathed her family’s lands and holdings to the church, converting the manor house into a monastery. To this day she and her brethren maintain the Celadrei Apple Orchards outside of Oakmaul.

Lady Eryn Via Celadrei

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