Embyr: Sword and Sorcery RPG Campaign Setting

The Commonwealth of Shailia


The first campaigns will be located within the Commonwealth of Shailia, a confederation of three city states located in the heart of Aurodei and centered on the Shailian Peninsula.

The North-most of these cities is Verincourt, once a vassal to the northern kingdoms of Ruktur and now an independent free city. Verincourt holds domain over the lands as far west as the Thunderspine Mountains and as far south as the Ulfang River as well as the woodlands to the north.

To the south beyond the Bay of Whispers can be found the great Free City of Byrnaer and her matchless port of call located at the mouth of the Dyrunn River. Byrnaer is also the capitol of the Shailian Commonwealth and can rival any city of Talia in scope and splendor with soul exception of Sunia herself.

Southwest of The Dyruun within the rich grasslands of the Heru Plains sits the ancient fortress city of Breetai. Known as The City of 1000 Ghosts, Breetai is built upon ruins from the Second Age from a time before The War of Dragons. Her secrets are many, as are her perils to the unwary.

There is a ruling council of nine elders who sit as the highest authorities within the Commonwealth. These nine individuals each hold the title of Lord High Magistrate and it is they who authorize and execute the doctrines of the land by way of a simple, internal majority vote.

Each of the three cities appoints three representatives to the ruling council seated at the citadel in Byrnaer. Traditionally these three individuals are a military leader, a merchant, and a priest.


Magic Use in The Commonwealth:

Byrnaer was once a city held by tyrannical magicians back in the day, as it sits atop a conjunction of three leylines. When the power of this arcane nexus suddenly and mysteriously stopped flowing, the oppressed people rebelled and overthrew their sorcerous masters.

To this day, magic is seen as a dark threat by the population at large. While not outlawed as such, there are many laws restricting the practice of magic in public. This prejudice lessens as one move further away from the city of Byrnaer, but those who carelessly cast spells within sight of The Azure Guard, beware!

Think of it as the laws of the modern day in regards to firearms. If you have a ‘permit’ or official function all you have to do is exercise a modicum of selective judgment when you use magic. Otherwise keep it hidden to best avoid trouble!

The Commonwealth of Shailia

If I see a dude use magic can I arrest him and get a bounty payoff?

The Commonwealth of Shailia

@Tenton: Perhaps. If you have the background Bounty Hunter and the magician is a known and wanted man then absolutely. Otherwise it depends on the circumstances. More often than not, no you get no bounty and may very likely get arrested yourself.

The Commonwealth of Shailia

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