Our lord and king is killed and spent like ash in storm driven winds of death and fire, yet here shall we stand steadfast and defiant, and we shall deliver onto you ruination and doom!

Good morrow, fellow traveler!

A history of this world can be found in the Wiki, as well as a gazetteer that clarifies the common calendar of the realms, it’s lands and governments and the respective populations therein.

As this site is still a work in progress, please feel free to post comments or to offer insights and/or editing recommendations.

Axe high, friend! I go!

~Dreaded Devil


Look you now, my friends and cohorts, at the road that rises up to greet us. May it carry us all into legend!


These will be very personal stories for the heroes who adventure here, but the world around them shall ebb and change. Will these brave souls drive into the storms around them and attempt to sway and steer the fate of the realms? Or will they seek solace in the shadows and sanctuaries as the the ambitions of kings and gods rampage across the lands?

Who will sing of your deeds, adventurer, when your bones and voice are naught but zephyr dust?

Adventure Logs and the The Embyrian Calendar

While the initial game session will follow it’s own story thread, experience has taught all of us that there may come a time that a new and unique adventure opportunity might be taken up by the gaming group for any number or reasons; a flashback, a side quest or a game night where only a few of the players might be available, or out of a simple desire by one and all to do something different for a change (“…remember the time when we were all goblin slavers?”).

For whatever reason a new story thread blooms, it’s respective Adventure Log can be delineated from others by the formatting in it’s title. This format will be Campaign: Adventure Title, Current Game Year

Like so:

The Song of Steel: The Secret of Greywall, 12th of Greening 1126cr

Additionally, the Adventure Log tab will include synopsis materials, maps, illustrations and overviews that pertain directly to the adventures at hand.

Character Roster

Characters should have character! Take a peek at the NPCs if you have the time. Their motivations are clear and you might even already know if you/your character would like or dislike them as people.

I encourage everyone to daydream a tiny bit and discover who their budding hero is and how he/she fell into such a dangerous lifestyle. This is not required, but it can be very rewarding. Imagine your glee when you discover that long-lost twin brother of yours, only to find that he is one of the primary foes responsible for so many of the evils you and your group are trying so diligently to overcome!


If anyone is interested I am more than happy to send you a larger version or a detail of a specific region or corner of the world. Anything to get the players dreaming!

Thanks for browsing our page! Game on!

Embyr: World of Two Moons Ever Sundered and Remade