The Two Moons of Embyr


There are two moons adorning the night skies of this realm; Selun the Celestial Mother, and her son, Riyak the Divine Messenger.

Selun (seh-loon) is a large, pale-blue moon with shadows that are not unlike windswept scattered leaves in appearance. She waxes and wanes with each month, marking the respective ides with a full moon. Her influence on the tides is as profound as is her affect on the lycanthropes of Embyr. She is the beacon of mariners and the patron of lovers the world over.

Riyak (rî-ACK) is less than half the size of his mother and is reddish gray in appearance as he rapidly waxes and wanes with each week. His features also change with each cycle, sometimes no more remarkable in appearance than a random cobbled stone floor, other times taking on a startling visage of clarity; a face, a weapon, an animal, even sigils or pictographs on occasion. It is widely believed that these are messages from heaven, prompting soothsayers and augurs the world over to weekly ponder (and oft times agonize over) these eternally shifting images. As a moon, Riyak’s affect on the tides is negligible, and while he is an obvious and clear beacon of crimson light in the night sky, the light he sheds onto the world below is less than useful.

The Two Moons of Embyr

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