The Oaken Maul

A two-handed wooden mallet banded with iron

weapon (melee)

By all regards this seems nothing more than an ancient wooden splitting maul made from white oak and bound with iron bands and a thatched, leather grip. If one looks closely, there are trace amounts of dried blood to be found on the end and along its length.


In days of olde the township of Oakmaul was known as Helarak, a frontier garrison town on the haunted fringes of the Byrnwood. Helarak had a ford and a sawmill but was otherwise unremarkable save for the twenty fighting men stationed there.

It is widely held that The Oaken Maul was simply one of many such tools littered about the town casually dropped by millworkers as they came and went.

Legend has it that during the Uzara Campaigns the garrison at Helarak was overrun, and hostile forces would have crossed the ford where it not for a lone millworker who held the ford with nothing more than a splitting maul. Helarak was later re-founded as Oakmaul, and over the years the mallet has been carried into battle in defense of the township. It is said that whosoever shall wield The Oaken Maul in defense of the town, that warrior shall stand unconquerable, and to this day that legend has held true.

The Oaken Maul is proudly displayed on the wall of the common room at The Horse and Toad, surrounded by sundered weapons and rent shields; the trophies of victories won.

The Oaken Maul

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