Thom Dranik

Henchman to the mysterious Reoch Sinarette of Pyrwell


Twitchy and thin of hair, manner and form, Thom Dranik exudes a nervous energy that can set an otherwise calm man on edge. His eyes are cold and his smile wicked, yet he has a strangely alluring voice and manner of speech that makes even the most mundane of recounted events worth listening to if not downright interesting.


While recognized and accepted as a local by the people of Oakmaul, Thom is infamously anti social and oft times rude enough that he is by-and-large left to his own devices. The only time people are glade to see him is when he steps up to police away drunkards that spill out of the Horse and Toad and into the common area of the market square, an unofficial duty he executed with diligence.

Aside from being a henchman to the mysterious Reoch Sinarette for the last four years or so, not much is known about Thom.

Thom is currently behind bars for his role in the Thunder’s Eve Massacre as detailed in The Voice at Eon’s Edge: The Forbidden Archives of Tal Ziel Part 1.

Thom Dranik

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