The Azure Guard

A dangerous war band charged with enforcing the laws that oversee the use of forbidden magics.


The Azure Guard is a police force chartered by the Free City of Byrnaer that deals solely with violations involving forbidden practices of the arcane.

There are eight war bands in all, each consisting of a Magistrate who is well versed in the mystic arts and given authority and privilege to expense justice as he/she sees fit, up to and including execution. There is always a legal scribe within a detachment of The Azure Guard as well as a number of agents with a range of skills and specializations.

While The Azure Guard has ultimate jurisdiction regarding the misuse of magic, they have no preview whatsoever over any other aspect of Shailian law and are in fact forbidden to interfere with the local constabulary in any way.

NOTE: There are many who believe that The Azure Guard itself is guilty of the misuse of magical power and would go to great lengths to see them disbanded.


There are over forty members of The Azure Guard including eight Magistrates of varying power level. Other members will have a broad range of skills and abilities as needed to track, incarcerate and/or dispose of those found guilty of the criminal misuse of magical power.

Each unit of The Azure Guard will have a roster of between three and five semi-permenent agents with a single Magistrate as it’s leader.

The legal scribe is charged with documenting investigations and sentences and is generally a non-combatant. The scribe also provides legal counsel and advises the Magistrate on the letter of Shailian law as needed. The scribe traditionally spends a single month with a respective unit, then returns to Byrnaer to file his transcripts and an evaluation of the unit before rotating into the next available detachment.

The Azure Guard

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