Sheriff Grahm Aerlim

The Protector of Oakmaul


Tall, dark and dry-witted, Sheriff Aerlim hails from the shores of distant Arden to the west. His manner of dress looks more the part of a merchant or city official than that of a lawman and he blends easily into a crowd when he removes his high hat. He is known to crack subtle jokes and sly quips, even when he is clapping irons onto a foe of the township.


Sheriff Aerlim was recruited by Alderman Gylan Vaughey in 1124 after the previous sheriff was found dead in his home. Grahm was working as, of all things, a barkeep in the city of Pyrwell.

While he was once an officer of the watch, it is rumored that his notions of steadfastly adhering to the law made him less than popular with both his contemporaries and his superiors, and so he mustered out and found work elsewhere. How he came to know Alderman Vaughey is unclear, though it is clear that the two men share a deep trust and an unshakable bond.

Sheriff Grahm Aerlim

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