Rouker Greylore

Sword for Hire. Will work for wine


Human Fighter

Rouker’s narrow, green eyes and wispy, yellow hair tell of his Rjoen heritage, though he might be considered a tad short for that northern race. He speaks as little as he can get away with, but is quick with an insult if he thinks it might lead to a welcomed brawl.

While hardly considered sober, he is rarely seen in a state of blind drunkenness. On such occasions however, he is quick to rage and has on a few occurrences nearly ended lives. Most folk feel that it is only a matter of time until his brutishness sends him to the headsman’s block and so they avoid him accordingly.


Rouker Greylore was the son of a modest tanner who plied his trade just outside the village of St. Adjil along the banks of the River Cynderun. It was very likely that young Rouker would have carried on the family craft were it not for his conscription into the Byrnaer regular army during the Iron Host campaigns. Like many boys his age, he was given a helmet and a pike and made to drill as he marched into the foothills of the Thunderspine Mountains.

While his cohort saw more than a few battles, his was but a reserve line of combatants and though he lost friends and was tempered on the anvil of war into manhood, his service to The Commonwealth was honorable if not remarkable.

And then word came from the south that an enigmatic warband of goblin folk had inexplicably overrun the garrisons near the Thornwash. St. Adjil was sacked, as were many of the hamlets and townships south of Pyrwell including Noyo, Thornbridge and Unicorn Falls.

Rouker abandoned his unit and made for the southlands of his home only to find his family’s tannery reduced to ruble and ash, his father nowhere to be seen. His grief was further compounded when his commanding officer clapped him into irons for desertion, and Rouker’s fate seemed dark indeed were it not for a dwarfish skirmishing unit in need of a local guide.

With Rouker’s aid the dwarfs under the command of Sergent Fulcrum Stonewarden managed to eliminate the goblin chief and uproot his kobold servants from the ruins of the Wyndhallows.

While Rouker’s service to the dwarf detachment expunged him of the crime of desertion, he was dismissed from the regular army without honors or pay. He now spends his time in the drinking halls of Oakmaul, searching for a path to channel his rage and sadness.

Rouker Greylore

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