Melamber Harkenstone

Seeker of The Hidden Law


Half-elf Wizard

Melamber is a half-elven practitioner of magic who is obsessed with happenstance versus probability. She is a consummate gambler and devout risk taker, often to the point of monetary recklessness. While a casual observer might dismiss her behavior as nothing more than a dangerous compulsion, she is in fact merely testing the sacred geometries of chance. Above even her studies of the arcane, Melamber wishes to understand what she has come to call The Hidden Law. While magic is certainly useful in this regard, she is certain that her truth can be found in the workings and interactions of cards and dice.


Melamber and her elven mother buried her human father in the fall of 1124. He was Olik Harkenstone, an honored hero of The Sapphire Dell. In recognition of his services to the elves he was invited to dwell among them for as long as he desired. He wedded his companion in arms, the shield maiden Tuathara who was herself astonished that she could so truly love a man of only 37 years.

While Melamber loved her father deeply, she sees his life with her mother as bitter-sweet at best considering that their union in matrimony was a mere 44 years before time ravaged his human body. After a while, Melamber began to feel stirrings of resentment toward her mother for conceding to marry a human to begin with, thus too soon robbing her of her father and truncating her life expectancy.

While Melamber knows in her mind that these are wholly unfair notions of the spirit, she still has too much heartache to be around elves for the moment. And so she quests among the other races learning as much about the hidden law of a probable outcome as she can.

Melamber Harkenstone

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