Ioluk The Iron Chewer

The peg-legged, hobgoblin blacksmith of Oakmaul


Sinewed and brutish, Ioluk the hobgoblin iron worker has an imposing demeanor that hides a wicked and deeply thoughtful ego. He cares little for ornamentation in his work, though he is well capable of applying such niceties if the price is right. He is quick to criticize and easily moved to dark laughter over the misfortunes of others. Ioluk long ago lost his left leg at the knee, and has fitted himself with a stump of red oak and banded iron.


Ioluk has been the blacksmith of Oakmaul for more than twelve years now. He lost his leg on the plains of Telahru in 1112cr when his warband was overun by Byrnaerian scouts. Knowing something of iron working, he paid his way out of incarceration through service to the militia. Not long after that he made his way to Oakmaul where he worked as a wheelwright until the unfortunate death the the old blacksmith left the town with no one to turn to for metal working. Ioluk filled the void and as been doing so ever since.

The word “Ioluk” is in fact the osric word for “worm.” Ioluk once had a true warrior’s name, but he lost his right to it when he failed to find a glorious death in combat.

Ioluk The Iron Chewer

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