Garamon Hulaar

Son of Baragon the Fallen


Human Fighter

With long, unkempt hair the color of deep madrone, Garamon is a tall young man with a steely gaze that always invites conflict. When he speaks he laces nearly every comment with sarcasm and is quick to become snide or even angry in his tone. His loyalty to his friends is absolute, however and he will fight side by side with a boon companion even onto death… all the while telling him how much he hates him.


Garamon was returning north with the rest of his war band when their ship was overtaken by Ardish privateers and set ablaze. He and his father Baragon Hulaar were among three survivors who washed ashore near Pyrwell. They were arrested and taken in chains in separate caravans bound for the courts when enemy soldiers from the west overran the wagons during the Iron Host Campaigns. Garamon’s jail cart ran wild into the wilderness when its driver took an arrow in the neck. Days later, the cart was taken by goblin slavers, and Garamon was forced into hard labor until he was rescued by a band of adventurers who turned out to be comrades of his father, Baragon.

Sadly, Garamon learned that his father fell victim to the Dark Blade, a cursed weapon that transformed him into a hellish ghoul. Though they tried in vain to reason with him, Baragon’s comrades in arms were forced to slay him as depicted in The Voice at Eon’s Edge: Enter The Azure Guard Part 2

Garamon Hulaar

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