Fulcrum Stonewarden

Dwarven veteran of The Iron Host Campaigns and Under-Sheriff of Oakmaul


Dwarf Fighter

Fulcrum is tall and slender as dwarves go, with auburn hair and bright green eyes. He wears scale mail and wields a warhammer and heavy wooden shield. Fulcrum speaks with a quiet voice and always has a pipe clenched in his teeth wether it is lit or no.


Originally attached to a dwarven skirmishing group called The Steel Wind, Fulcrum found himself the ranking officer after an ambush involving a kobald-triggered rockslide wiped out more than half of his unit. It was only with the help of Rouker Greylore that he was able to track the kobald vermin to their lair and root them out.

Fulcrum continued to work with Greylore until the hordes out of Iron Host were finally put down, and after his discharge from the regular army he accepted the position of Under-Sheriff for the human township of Oakmaul in order to stabilize and maintain the ore trade routes between the harbors of Byrnaer and the dwarfish Mountain Kingdoms of Thunderspine.

Fulcrum has a wife named Vara who remains active in the Thunderspine Armies. The two of them hold each other in the highest regard and even manage to see one another every year or so.

Fulcrum is obsessed with mulled wines, and has nearly mastered what he describes as “…the perfect song of spices!”

Fulcrum Stonewarden

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