Essoq DeMaqir

The Berserker Tundra Dwarf!


Dwarf Barbarian

Silver haired and wild eyed, he lives for the thrill of spilling blood into the virgin snow! Overloud and boastful, Essoq loves to tell tales and sing at the top of his lungs. He seems to always have a wicked smile on his lips that only fades when the Rage of Battle takes him.


Essoq hails from beyond the northern plains of Aurodei from within the icy lands of Gorr. His family name has been tainted by debt amassed by his grandfather, and it has taken nearly three generations to expunge it all. Last year Essoq secured a trade agreement with the Dwarf Lords of the Thunderspines and for the first time in almost 220 years the House of DeMaqir is finally at long last free from charge. Now he smashes monsters and spends their gold on the three W’s; Wine, Wenches and Weapons!

Essoq DeMaqir

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