Brother Amaar

Pious and Zealous servant of The One True Voice


Human Priest

Youth without mirth is the demeanor of the pious Brother Elim Amaar of Verincourt. He has the fire of purpose in his breast, and the song of The Lightbringer ever on his lips. He keeps his sandy brown hair cropped short and neat and his chin cleanly shaved with the dawning of each new day. While he seldom offers easing words, he is quick to share the glory of salvation with those in need.


“And onto this smoldering field of ash and death a fell shadow did rise, and the remaining faithful were stilled and crippled with dread, and the servants of the wicked gave up a cry and hue and made to bring quick death to any and all that they could find. But then and of a sudden a lone voice was heard in song, and it was clear and held strength and hope and promise. And it rose and flooded the plain and with it came a luminous aura that did stab and bite at the fell shadow, and at long last the dreaded enemy knew fear!”

Brother Amaar was sent to Oakmaul to temper his “Spirit of Inclusion” after he raised his voice to the Overfather of The Church of The Nine in Verincourt. He may not return until he convinces Lady Eryn Via Celadrei that he understands and embraces the values of The Concordant of The Nine.

Despite Lady Eryn’s tutoring, he remains unconvinced.

Brother Amaar

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