Benibas Strongbottle

Master of Puzzles and Lord of the Strongbottle Garden


Halfling Trouble Shooter

Beni has a lithe frame and an angelic voice that is always dripping with sarcasm. He wears his mahogany hair cut and mopped to hide his brooding dark eyes and unless he is preparing for adventure is rarely seen without soil-stained hands and clothing. Otherwise his dress and manner becomes as nondescript as he can manage and he always dons a reversible, hooded cloak that rarely fails to cover his head entire.


For generations the Hardbottles have enjoyed a modest renown for their family’s brewing efforts. Harbottle Ale is proudly displayed in nearly every roadhouse and inn from Noyo to Unicorn Falls and even as far south as the outlying taverns of Byrnaer. Every day of his life Beni was told of how he would someday take over the vats of his father’s fathers and do his part to continue his family’s long established tradition.

Then as fate would have it, he found himself at a roadside inn with his three younger brothers in tow to unload the typically requisitioned casks for the establishment when a group of treasure hunters at a table asked to use his charcoal to mark a map. As he handed the vine over he glanced down at the drawings and maps and was taken by a puzzle that was clearly perplexing those who were pouring over it. He asked a few questions about the mysteries the group was trying to fathom and was promptly spurned. This did nothing however to deter the young halfling’s curiosity, and he lay awake through the night turning the puzzle over and over in his head, until all at once the solution came to him and he bolted from his bed and ran to enlighten the frustrated treasure hunters below. At the end of things, Beni accompanied the group on their quest and received a full share of the spoils.

Beni now resides in Oakmaul and when he is not working in his prized gardens he offers his services as a ‘trouble shooter’ to whoever can afford him. He is fond of contracts and makes every effort to keep his vocational efforts above board, but is very approachable regarding jobs that are somewhat less than sanctioned by law.

He is also an insufferable whistler and has had more than a few drunkards threaten to harm him bodily because of it.

Benibas Strongbottle

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