z1 The Late Baragon Hulaar

(Deceased) Northman from Vosguard


Human Fighter

Wild, redish-brown beard and hair that he kept too long for these warmer climes. He was a huge man with a steely gaze that always invited conflict. He spoke as little as he could get away with.


Baragon was returning north with the rest of his war band when their ship was overtaken by Ardish privateers and set ablaze. He and Garamon, his of-age son were among three survivors who washed ashore near Pyrwell. They were arrested and taken in chains in separate caravans bound for the courts when enemy soldiers from the west overran the wagons during the Iron Host Campaigns. Baragon fought his way to freedom when his jail cart was overturned. He then wandered the coastal lands selling his sword and searching for his son.

Sadly, Baragon fell victim to the Dark Blade, a cursed weapon that transformed him into a hellish ghoul. Though they tried in vain to reason with him, Baragon’s comrades in arms were forced to slay him as depicted in The Voice at Eon’s Edge: Enter The Azure Guard Part 2

His companions saw to it that his remains be commited to the sea in the custom of his northern people.


z1 The Late Baragon Hulaar

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