Aurithyreylian "Arthur" Sylvari

Seeker of The Hidden Voice


Elf Mage

While deeply capable of expressing myrth with a rare and image-shattering smile, Aurithyreylian (ahr-ITH-eye-RAY-LEE-in) has a dark bearing to his demeanor that belies his elven heritage. With moss-black hair and eyes the color of river stones, he can still the heart of a stranger with a single, chilling glance.

He often appears at odds with his owl familiar, Zephyr, verbally sparing with him in what sounds to anyone who might be listening in as half of a heated argument. Surprisingly, he seems to be on the losing side of these exchanges far more frequently than not.


Aurithyreylian Silvari arrived in Oakmaul some 47 years ago answering a call to arms when the township found itself suddenly and mysteriously overrun by hordes of lesser undead. After quickly finding the necromancer responsible, Silvari discovered that the villain was in truth searching for a long-lost fount of knowledge and power that he would only refer to as “The Voice in the Deep.” When Silvari rejected the necromancer’s offer of allegiance the elf-mage was only just barley able to escape with his life.

Silvari shortly thereafter enlisted the aid of a band of true-hearted companions, and together they campaigned against the aims of the necromancer until at long last the fiend was brought low. The victory however was sorely earned, for a boon companion was lost to the mysterious power of The Voice and cursed to haunt the dark wood as a soulless revenant.

To this day, Aurithyreylian practices his craft of spell weaving in the township of Oakmaul. Called “Arthur” by the locals, he offers his services to those in need and acts as mentor and protector to the children of his companions of long ago.

Today, Aurithyreylian is as obsessed with finding The Voice as the vanquished necromancer ever was. He hopes to discover it’s secrets and in so doing bring rest at long last to his tortured companion who to this day walks the lands in tortured undeath.

Aurithyreylian "Arthur" Sylvari

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