Embyr: The Fifth Age

The War in the West: Invaders in the Mists Part 1

16th of Stormwell, 1128cr


It has been twenty-two years since King Ilfannin declared fealty to the Sunian Imperial Movement, and while the Kingdom of Trent remained a good and beneficial sovereign state to her protectorate and principality Aerina, it was only a matter of time before the Nationalists would again push for a greater degree of autonomy. Some would even call for outright rebellion and demand to secede from Trent altogether, but these extremists would always be rooted out and silenced.

But something has changed, and a new and charismatic voice has sparked the flames of resistance and independence. Aerina now burns in the fires of civil war.

Trent has sent a herald to the northern kingdom of Tharma requesting aid in the form of soldiers and the use of the deep water harbor at the city of Bellport, but is refused as Tharma sees the struggles between Aerina and Trent as ‘internal affairs of state.’ Tharma sends her own herald to Trent with a counter proposal, but the herald is never seen again.

These are troubling times to be sure, but in the end, these are matters for the king.

You and your companions are traveling the Herein Road to one of Tharma’s westernmost townships. This is Readon, and you journey there in response to a posting for a need of ‘specialists’ to deal with the discovery of an ancient chamber that was found during attempts to expand a storage cellar beneath a brewery .

The posting was placed by messenger from a man named Merik Highoak, owner of the locally renowned Goldfeather Ciderhouse.

There is perhaps too much smoke in the mists as you draw near the township of Readon, heavy with the scent of wet and unclean fuels.

Then a terrible sign reveals itself as you round a muddied bend in the road; a dead man next to an overturned cart. The man and the cart are stripped bare, and whatever animals that were once used to pull the now ruined cart are long gone.

Up ahead you see a pennant flying the royal blue and crimson colors of the armies of Trent! It is affixed to a spearhead that bobs and sways just above the ridge line before you, clearly a makeshift flag lashed to a rolling cart or wagon.


The Liberation of Readon.

The party meets the soldiers head on and kill them all save one; a mercenary swordsman named Holick. This man tells them that they, along with his fellow hired swords (out of Khalhaboria) were to land at and sack the township of Loftwick, to then take Readon and Ciderhill, and then march onto Bayham to join with additional forces from Loftwick.

Rather than attack a large number of soldiers in an attempt to liberate Redon the party takes their captive to Bayham in order to warn the city of a pending attack. They turn Holick over to the town Bailiff, a man named Borwyn Calut, who is so impressed with the party’s paladin, Sir Arturus (and his natural 20 diplomacy roll) that he assigns him a detachment of twelve soldiers led by Sgt. Collin Whitewater to help liberate the besieged township of Readon.

The party and their newly acquired skirmisher unit double back on the Cider Road where they encounter a unit of thirty enemy men… thirty men who have with them a captive ogre! The monster, hooded and driven by chains, pushes a siege machine meant for the gates of Bayham.

The party along with Sgt. Whitewater and his men defeat this invading force despite being outnumbered more than 2:1. The bound and blinded ogre is quickly put down as well, and the surviving soldiers are interrogated.

Like the ill-fated Holik, all of the captive soldiers seem to be sell-swords and not a part of the regular army of Trent. But the name of the leader of this invading force is learned; he is called Commander Thain and like Sir Arturus he is a paladin of Azoth.

While this mysterious paladin seems to be tempering the violence of his invading force from Trent, he is still allowing ‘reasonable force’ to occur in order to secure his military objectives. What is more, in addition to subduing the towns and ransacking them for necessary goods and material he seems to be searching for a young man of fare hair and blue eyes near his fifteenth year in age.

Game Session Ends


I really think you should finish this adventure/campaign. You should put it on higher priority than the other two things on here. This one looks pretty cool and intriguing and I would be interested in playing it with a group of my own.


Thanks for the input! We actually finished the first of three chapters of this campaign before we took a break from it. We haven’t given up on getting back to it, but a guy got promoted and is now very busy and another player had a baby, and, well, you know, BABY!

Ill post the remaining sessions asap!


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