Embyr: The Fifth Age

The Township of Oakmaul


Oakmaul lays about 8 leagues northeast of the River Cynderun at the fringes of some of the very eldest marches of the Byrnwood Forrest. Though it is a mere two days journey from the city of Pyrwell, Oakmaul enjoys a small measure of isolation and independence from that governing coastal city to the east.

While Oakmaul produces a modest apple yield and a small amount of fabricated goods, the township’s primary accession in worth stems from its placement on the trade roads to the dwarf kingdoms within The Thunderspines to the northwest. The ford in the town’s center that crosses the stream known as Elk’s Leap is the only one that can be negotiated by caravan within 60 miles.

Oakmaul has a steady population of just under 250 individuals residing within and around the the town center as well as another 25 odd folks in the surrounding farmlands (mostly to the southeast).

The head man of Oakmaul is hardly a common politician. He is a tanned and sinewed man of over six feet by the name of Alderman Gylan Vaughey. Once the township’s foremost carpenter, Vaughey took up the the position of chief man of Oakmaul during the Iron Host raids when the previouse alderman deserted the township at the first sight of enemy torchlight. Vaughey has since been officially sanction by both the people under his charge and the courts of Pyrwell. Most would say that Oakmaul has been enriched by his guidance and leadership.

The chief lawman of Oakmaul is a tall and trim Ard named Sheriff Grahm Aerlim. Vaughey appointed him protector of Oakmaul two summers ago after his predecessor was found dead under mysterious circumstances.



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